CAFA review granted on issue about “local controversy” exception

The Fifth Circuit took the atypical step of writing a short opinion about why it granted a petition for review of a remand order under CAFA in Opelousas General Trust Authority v. Multiplan, Inc., No. 13-90027 (June 28, 2013).  CAFA jurisdiction has a “local controversy” exception, an element of which is that the putative class seeks “significant relief” from an in-state defendant.  In that context, the Court said: “We have yet to fully explore the meaning of ‘significant relief” in this context. Defendants argue that we should grant them leave to appeal so that we may determine ‘whether a defendant which is not a going concern and which will not satisfy any judgment against it can be a defendant from whom “significant relief is sought” . . . .’ We GRANT their petition so that we may consider the question.”

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