No irreparable injury for NOLA taxicab owners

New Orleans taxicab owners challenged new city ordinances about their business and cars.  The Fifth Circuit vacated a preliminary injunction in their favor, primarily on grounds related to the substantive constitutional issues in play, and affirmed the district court’s denial of an injunction on other matters for lack of irreparable injury.   Dennis Melancon, Inc. v. City of New Orleans, No. 12-30921 (Dec. 18, 2012, revised Jan. 17, 2013).  Reminding that  “when the threatened harm is more than de minimis, it is not so much the magnitude but the irreparability that counts for purposes of a preliminary injunction,” the Court found that plaintiffs could later sue the city for costs of complying with the ordinances if they prevailed.  Footnotes 14 and 15 address other potential theories of irreparable injury based on “impairment of contract” and privacy rights.

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