Fees under deed of trust

Countrywide Home Loans sought to recover certain post-petition attorneys fees in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case in Countrywide v. Velazquez.  The Court reviewed the provisions of the relevant Deed of Trust, and concluded that the word “and” in the phrase “do and pay for whatever is reasonable or appropriate to protect Lender’s interest in the Property and rights under this Security Instrument” did not require that a recoverable fee involve both the protection of the lender’s interest and the lien.  (Op. at 6-9 (citing Lanier v. Spring Cypress Investments, 1995 WL 489427 (Tex. App.–Houston [1st Dist.] Aug. 17, 1995, no writ)).  The Court “respectfully disagree[d]” with the unpublished affirmance of a different result by another panel earlier this year in Wells Fargo v. Collins.

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