Arbitration clause held illusory and unenforceable

The employee handbook in Carey v. 24 Hour Fitness contained an arbitration provision and a “Change-in-Terms” clause giving the employer “the right to revise, delete, and add to the employee handbook.”  No. 10-20845 (Jan. 25, 2012).  The  Court affirmed a finding that the arbitration provision was illusory, and thus unforceable.  Op. at 4 (citing  Morrison v. Amway Corp., 517 F.3d 248, 257 (5th Cir. 2008)).  The Court contrasted In re Halliburton Co., 80 S.W.3d 566, 569-70 (Tex. 2002), in which a clause was enforced when the employer’s right to amend the arbitration provision was specifically limited as to present disputes,  and favorably cited Weekley Homes v. Rao, 336 S.W.3d 413, 415 (Tex. App.–Dallas 2011, pet. denied), in which a provision requiring notice of a handbook was not sufficient to make an arbitration provision non-illusory.

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