How to plead

Due to the nature of its case load, the Fifth Circuit does not often give practical advice on how to plead under Twombly and Iqbal.  It has written a handful of cases in the area, though, and the new opinion of Jabaray v. City of Allen adds to that group.  No. 12-41054 (Nov. 25, 2013, unpublished).  Jabary alleged constitutional claims arising from the revocation of the Certificate of Occupancy for his business (a “restaurant, hookah bar, and tobacco store” that also sold “K2” for a time.)  The Fifth Circuit affirmed the Rule 12 dismissal of most defendants, but reversed as to two.  The holding of general interest relates to the pleading of the mayor’s involvement in the decision, which was found adequate — the court specifically noted that the pleading said the mayor had suggested to Jabary that he move his business, and that the mayor had a potential financial motive because he owned another business in the relevant mall.

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