No “split-the note.” We mean it.

The unpublished opinion of Wiley v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. affirms the Rule 12 dismissal of borrwers’ wrongful foreclosure claims, summarizing the 2013 cases from the Fifth Circuit about the “split-the-note” argument against the validity of a MERS assignment. No. 12-51039 (Sept. 16, 2013, unpublished).  The opinion reminds that while some borrowers’ claims have survived appellate scrutiny in 2013, a pleading that appears to rehash discredited arguments will not satisfy Twombly and Iqbal.  Other unpublished opinions to the same effect are Kramer v. Fannie Mae, No. 12-51171 (Sept. 19, 2013, unpublished), and Epstein v. U.S. Bank NA, No. 13-50047 (Sept. 25, 2013, unpublished).

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