Negligent misrepresentation claims against servicer rejected

Verdin v. Fannie Mae rejected several claims against a mortgage servicer.  No. 12-40895 (August 15, 2013, unpublished).  As to a negligent misrepresentation claim, the Fifth Circuit held: “[the servicer’s] only allegedly false representation—that [the borrower]  should submit a request for postponement and ‘not worry about the foreclosure’—relates to a promise to do something in the future.”  The claim also failed because “Texas requires pecuniary loss independent from the loan agreement to support a negligent-misrepresentation claim,” and alleged mental anguish did not satisfy that requirement. Finally, the Court rejected waiver and misrepresentation claims: “[Borrower] is unable to demonstrate that Wells Fargo made an absolute repudiation of an obligation because providing mixed signals of an intent to foreclose—i.e., suggesting that it would consider a postponement and not to worry about a foreclosure—does not rise to an absolute declaration of intent to abandon an obligation.”

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