Untimely mandamus petition about trial setting

In 2011, Antill Pipeline joined a new third-party defendant to a case and obtained a continuance.  In 2012, Antill Pipeline had the case consolidated with another lawsuit it had filed, which had the effect of joining two new defendants, and obtained another continuance. In December 2012, the trial court dismissed several defendants, including the three joined by Antill Pipeline.  One week before the January 28 trial setting, Antill Pipeline moved to stay the trial and then sought mandamus two business days before the scheduled start date.  The Fifth Circuit held: “Antill’s petition, if granted, would further delay a trial that Antill has already caused to be delayed numerous times. Under these circumstances we cannot say that the district court clearly abused or usurped its judicial power . . . .”  In re Antill Pipeline Construction Co., No. 13-30102 (Jan. 25, 2013, unpublished).

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